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    I recently came across the following code snippet for password protecting site directories. I’m curious though if anyone can suggest a method for customizing the login screen…essentially a login form within the html page.

    If you have a more efficient way to approach this…I’m all ears. Thank you!

    **Code Snippet:**

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    As far as I’m aware, most browsers don’t provide a “login screen” – simply a dialogue box. How are you imagining customising it? Do you want users to be taken to a different page first to authenticate?

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    Pretty much…essentialy im looking to make the login area on a designated page…independent of the standard browser login. Similar to the way wordpress admin login is

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    Then I suspect htaccess is not the solution. Look instead towards using a database to manage authentication. It’s not a complicated process, but will require you to read around the subject a little bit.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many good tutorials on session management. Most of them oversimplify the process for illustration, resulting in insecure systems. My advice would be to look at the source code of a few open source projects that include login systems to see how they handle it.

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