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    I was curious to exactly how the following code works:

    add_action('script_loader_src', scripts($src))

    now, of course this will call the function ‘scripts’ and pass the $src variable, but where does the $src value come from?

    I haven’t been able to successfully find any information on this and have no idea even what to call it.

    any helps is much appreciated


    Can you place it in context? I know it’s WordPress and that’s it’s a filter hook, but where does this code appear?

    Normally there should be no arguments/variables in the “scripts” function but even if there would be, $src must be defined somewhere. But seeing just this line without any context makes it hard to see where that would be.


    This is my actual code:

    add_action('script_loader_src', function($src){
      if(strpos($src, '?ver='))$src = remove_query_arg('ver', $src);
      return $src;
    }, 10, 2);

    I have no idea how this works because (as you stated) the variable isn’t defined anywhere in my code.


    Alright, but where did you get the code from? Is it part of a theme? Who wrote it?


    I wrote the theme; looking up anything I didn’t already know to make everything work as expected.

    Here is the method that runs:

    public function _css_href($src, $ver, $handle){
      if(!is_bool($src) && !preg_match('|^(https?:)?//|', $src) && !($this->content_url && 0 === strpos($src, $this->content_url)))$src = $this->base_url.$src;
      if(!empty($ver))$src = add_query_arg('ver', $ver, $src);
      $src = apply_filters('style_loader_src', $src, $handle);
      return esc_url($src);

    Which is interesting as I wouldn’t expect this code to behave as it does.


    As for the snippet of code I used, (outside of the anonymous function) I just grabbed from some blog, I can’t remember


    I’m looking for a deeper understanding as to how to pass variables in this manor and wrap my head around exactly what is happening here.

    I apologize for not being more clear about what I’m asking for. I’ve been playing with php for the better part of 6 years now, and feel I’ve become stagnant in my learning so I’ve started looking for more advanced concepts to further my knowledge in php when I came across this snippet I use in my themes.

    I appreciate your time and responses.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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