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    Hey everyone.
    So, first post and all that… Thought I’d get some feedback on a work-in-progess, near complete, site i’m getting the chance to do the entire design and development for.
    Anyway, the mockup page is located here:
    Any thoughts?

    Oh, loving CSS-Tricks too. :) Already got to learn a ton of new techniques through this site, so thanks!

    Rob MacKay

    very nice dude – I really like it.

    the things I would look to change are…

    Typography, add a bit of line height 1.5em looks better. Might even suggest Justifying it to give a solid block look, but I think thats more a taste thing :)

    the footer menu – its just kinda sitting there. with a scrolling site do you think you need it? Because the site is only short most people are going to be able to see the top menu…

    And lastly – the top image, is awesome, if not just a tad too big I feel… it just having a scrolling site, kinda defeats the point if I have to scroll my browser to see the content coz the top image is too big.

    Looks great if I F11 and go full screen :)

    I would say thats my only thoughts, other than it looks cool :D – you using scrollTo?


    Cool, thanks. I hadn’t considered the justifying and line height, but i’m all for good white-space. I’ll see what difference it makes.

    For the bottom menu you’re right. I think I subconciously just added it in to fill in the space, but maybe it can be used a bit better. It’s just a holding page for the moment and more content will be added as-and-when so I’m sure I’ll get something to use.

    I’ll try the top image a little thinner also, see what it looks like. No harm in experimenting.

    Oh, and yes, I’m using JQuery lite, ScrollTo & localscroll… I love it when something so light and easy makes a big impact. :) Especially when you can control it from CSS.

    Rob MacKay

    yea scrollTo & localscroll are great – I was experimenting with them a while ago for a project. I didn’t use them for it, I just eneded up writing my own, but its great.


    Wow! I really like this site, and the whole navigational thing you got going on. The only thing I can suggest is a gradient – from dark to a lighter grey, as a background image – just to give the design a bit of pzaz.

    -Keep up the great work!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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