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    I was never truly happy with our company site site…it felt too broad and didn’t target a potential client enough. I loved the look but the functionality wasn’t there. I hoped to really integrate that this time around, especially the About page.

    Please let me know what you guys think and if you notice any anomalies…it should be fully de-bugged for IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, Opera and Safari (as far as I know).


    I really like the site, it is well finished, it seems you have paid close attention to detail on the site.

    For instance when I open your photography thumbnails, you have even put your site style into the lightbox, with the half circle around your next, prev, and close buttons.

    It is a nicely soothing site, and I felt like staying on there and checking everything out.

    a few gripes though, when I went to your blog and then wanted to go look at your about page, it’s completely different from the one accessed from your home page, also I could no longer click on the links below your logo.

    I like your chose of font and colors for the about page, and I was inclined to read through it, however when I checked out the portfolio page, I didn’t feel like reading the write up on the project, the blue headings running through the middle of the content feel a little out of place.

    Those are my thoughts, sorry I don’t really have any suggestions though.

    Rob MacKay

    awesome stuff dude

    All I will say and its really small is maybe bring down your right top menu a little so the base line of the text is in line with the menu on the right, and also on your about page, the header for your name and the one on the right saying "beauty" if you make them line up to, so the text is kinda starting in the same place for each side, I think that will just about do it :) I would say move up "Lars" to the "Beauty" baseline.

    As you can see I’m just being really picky – but I hope you don’t mind :D lol


    Really like the feel your going for.

    All I would say is there is a lack of H1. H2 tags on most pages.

    And maybe the large font either needs to change or be more inline with the text. Just something feels is slightly off.


    Thanks so much guys for the feedback. I took all of it to heart and actually loved every single suggestion, and adjusted the page accordingly.

    There’s now more alignment, faster loading, a re-designed navigation bar, more header tags (although I got a bit tricky…let me know if any tactics seem unsavory, especially for SEO), improved the portfolio page…and while I was getting my hands dirty, I added a nice big footer that is more approachable and effective and really went through the site and cleaned up the html/css and tried to get proper indention. Should be solid in all major browsers for IE6 and up.

    Whew! :ugeek: I am very much done with the site for a while, I hope! Please let me know what else, if anything, that I can change.

    Edit – Oh, I haven’t gotten around to the Blog yet…going to be changing the entire thing really, so I’ll be taking it down soon while I re-design.


    Really nice headline! I know everything about fluffy clouds and these ones a good. One thing: You have two horizontal menues:
    1. Webdesign …
    2. Home …

    They are not aligning and have different sizes. I can see the reason but on first sight it feels a little bit odd. What I would propose is to make the logo bigger and put it somewhat down so it overlaps the heaven.


    Hmm, I felt they were aligned. I moved it down a few pixels, it feels aligned to me, let me know if thats better.

    The "Web Design/Graphic Design/Photography" is actually a part of my logo, its on all my cards and it really helps clarify exactly what my company does. The only reason I made it a nav is I had so many people go to click on those three words…which irritated me, since I would think they would go for the navbar or at least read the content first. So, I grudgingly made it a navbar.

    I can move three taglines down, but I feel it might make the page feel even more lopsided…I’ll play with it. Thanks for the good words!


    The site – I like, the title – I don’t. I think you have done a great job with the design, however I have never and will never like long titles. Your title nearly filled up my entire window, so I would suggest you shorten it down quite a bit – just get rid of that long list of services and replace it with nothing, or if you really want something like "Website design and more…".

    But again, I like it!


    Thank you for the feedback Tom…just to clarify, you mean the "Web Design * Graphic Design * Photography" underneath the logo, correct?


    Well, I basically removed it anyway, since there was other feedback that said it was distracting. 8-)


    No, sorry if I was unclear – I meant the text you placed in the <title></title> tags. Sorry about that :)


    Oh…well, no worries, it was still a secondary nav and for now I think its better without it.


    Hi there,
    I also like the site, although not a pro i would like to add a bit about the navigation.

    Your main navigation is a different order than the footer navigation. Now i’m not sure if you meant this however i think it slightly detracts from the overall navigation.

    other than that i think it is a really nice site.


    Oh my…I never noticed that! Thank you, Nodster.


    Really nice. My only comment is maybe a little too much blue. I would like to see what the footer area looks like with a white background. Sometimes a little contrast is a good thing. Love the clouds.

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