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    I need the #middle to have overflow: visible;

    However, when I change that property, the footer goes crazy and overlaps the content. I am not sure where the issue is and I have tried so many possible solutions that I may have messed something else up. Any ideas are appreciated.
    Thank you!

    Ahmed Elgameel

    Where is the problem? I just changed it in the browser inspector, and nothing happened to the footer!


    What device are you using to view the issue? My phone only has a 2″ screen and the only issue I have is the middle column, topnav, and a bit of content font size too small to read as-is. Everything else looks fine.


    If you use a css editor and change #middle {overflow: visible;}
    Then, you will see the row of hearts move 1/2 way up the page and nothing below them is clickable. The links and footer text stay at the bottom. It is just as if the separator moves and causes issues. However, I need the overflow to be visible in order for the tooltips to work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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