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    Back again with a new question on the same slider that Paulie D helped me with. You can see the basic code on the Git Hub here:

    Instead of the text below the slider being on a specific page – the client wants the text below to change as the slider moves. I figured I could do this with a css class in the panel but I have an overflow hidden problem (or I think that is the problem ) that I cannot figure out. I have tried turning off overflow: hidden just about everywhere …nothing helps.

    What I want to do is add a css class that will appear BELOW the slider when a specific panel is showing. For now I have some of that text appearing in the slider on the first panel (see the words beginning with “We specialize in contracts where qualifications,…” – that I hope to get ALL of it to appear below. I am using the class name textbelow for this portion of the content. You can see my demo site page for this here:

    I do not think I can alter Paulie D’s GitHub but I will do my own if necessary – someone may know how to make it so content inside the slider on AnythingSlider can appear outside (below) the slider.


    Well it is fixed! Silly me. Fix the background images of each panel to the panel with position absolute. Make the background images taller to fit the new height – use transparency on the bottom portion (the below the slider part) so the text will look like its below the slider…even though it is not! Removed the borders of the slider from the css. Changed the height of the slider to be taller so the text below what looks like the slider will fit with no worries of over flow. My creative director who does not know css figured it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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