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    Hello world,

    One can start a business without invest much capital. How? Answer is by outsourcing your work. If you are in Information Technology field and want to outsource your work then India is the best option to outsourcing. Because India is talent rich country. It is biggest democratic nation. It has stable government. It is definitely cost effective and one has high standard of quality here. India is rich country of talented and brilliant people of information technology. India exports software to 95 counties of the world, and also enjoys confidence of global corporations. Most of renowned global corporations preferred India for Outsource Development of their works.

    I also outsource my IT related work to Perceptionsystem based in Ahmedabad in India and I feel great satisfaction from their high quality of work.

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    Outsourcing to India is a very hot topic these days. Talk to anyone that knows what they’re doing, and they’ll tell you how unbelievably terrible it is.

    The quality of work that I’ve seen come back hasn’t been that great, I think they still have a way to go.

    There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing, I do it myself on projects that have grown to large for me or if I’m too busy to complete certain things. But I don’t outsource to someone super cheap just so I can make an extra buck, I keep it local (for both quality and ethical reasons).

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    I like how your IP adress is in Ahmedabad, so well outsourced!!!

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