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    Hey guys. I lately stumbled upon [Fiverr]( “Fiverr”). For those of you who don’t know it yet, thats a site where people offer little jobs for 5$ each. There are allot of people who offer [Help with HTML or CSS, Php and Java]( “Faviconator”), this guy for example. I just wondered, instead doing all this stuff by myself, why not hire one of those guys? I mean 5$ isn’t much for maybe half an hour of coding and the problems, you would maybe work three hours on to solve them, are solved. So what do you think? Does someone has experience with Fiverr? Or could even recommend me someone who does stuff there and is qualified?
    Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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    Pretty interesting but I find you learn a lot more solving your own mistakes/problems than having someone do it for you.

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    I’d be concerned over the quality of code, for one, though I can understand your feeling that it might be better to spend $5 to have someone else solve the problem for you.

    That said, if you do, make sure you understand each step of the way on what’s going on, what they’re doing, etc, both for your own learning process and to make sure that they don’t slip anything in there that shouldn’t be there.

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    I do wordpress jobs on fiverr.
    as a part time

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    I just saw a profile of a girl of about 19 years old advertising over 12 years of experience as a graphic designer with over 40,000 logos designed to date. I just can’t wrap my head around a 10 year old knocking out about 3,500 logos every year :)

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    If I was a developer, I’d rather spend my time on forums like this to help others learn instead of giving them the answer for a lousy few dollars.

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    @JoshWhite Ha! Do projects with crayons count?

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    @JoshWhite *seven* year-old

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