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    I am trying to figure out if it´s okey or not to have different color on the headings that on the other text at a webpage?
    And can it be different colors on the different pages at the webpage?
    I do understand that it is good to "mark up" some certain word in a sense, but at webpages and there headings?
    I am having a little trouble to know what is the best; is it just a opinion question or is it a "general rule"?

    Thanx for any answer!



    It’s OK for your headings to be a different color than your regular content text. If anything, I’d suggest it, since color will help give a little emphasis to the headings and make it easier for viewers to scan the page. I would keep colors consistent across your site though — if you change the colors/font sizes/etc per page it may introduce small amounts of confusion for the viewer. You want to keep everything consistent so the user gets a feel like everything belongs together (which will make the site feel more professional).

    I’d say this is personal opinion though — whether your headings and content text are different colors just depends on the design of your site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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