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    I have used masonry js before with fixed width blocks inside a container, and it work fine, don’t know if i am missing something but, i have a new site I’m working on – [Staff page]( “Staff Page”) – in this layout the width of each block is a percentage of the container, but that width/percentage changes with media quires as the browser resizes, this I can’t get to work with masonry as it seems to want fixed width content! the question is, can I use percent widths with masonry or is there an alternative method?

    This is my first fully responsive design, and the first time i have used SASS on a complete project, any general comments would be welcome.


    No problem! You just need to make sure masonry is changing when you resize the browser (though, really, that must be a very rare occurrence).


    Have looked at this, and best i can figure out i have to commit to the number of columns used, but i need the number of columns to change depending on screen width for 1 to 4.


    Did not have any luck, so i have changed the design, much happier with this layout, any comments on the whole site would be welcome….
    [Nikki Colins Hair Company…]( “Nikki Colins Hair Company”)


    If you want to change the number of columns depending on screen size you can try playing around with the jRespond plugin. It allows you to run different JS functions depending on the screen size you set.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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