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    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to get everyone’s opinions on webhosts. I am almost done building my portfolio and I am just looking for a host. I would like MySQL and PHP. The site is just going to be a small portfolio and a blog. Anyone here have a favorite host?


    I swear by DreamHost. Those guys take good care of me and I haven’t had any major issues other than the billing snafu they had back in January. Plus at 10 bucks a month for as much bandwidth and storage as they give you, how can you go wrong?

    On the flip side, stay the heck away from Host9 or HostNine or however they spell it. They’re cheaper, but their customer support and billing departments are horrible. I didn’t get a bill from them for six months (on monthly billing, mind you), and then got six in one day. Then six suspension notices, followed by six more suspension notices. Then I had to deal with their customer support, who told me it wasn’t HostNine’s fault that they didn’t bill me for six months. Needless to say I canceled right then. Then I got an e-mail from them two months later about a help ticket I opened when dealing with them that had been resolved months before. was pretty good to me for a couple of years a while back, but they closed my account for a violation of TOS (to this day, I still have no idea what I did wrong), so I’m hesitant to recommend them. DreamHost is the best bet, IMO


    I’ve had great luck with If you send them a question, you get a very timely reply. They have great tools and resources and it is easy to find what you want on their site unlike godaddy which has the most horrible user interface. Their service has also been very reliable for me so far.

    Member for me works a charm, lots of features and extras.

    DB’s, SQL, PHP etc etc

    "Edwin" wrote:
    I am hiring a dedicated server in a datacentre :) But I think it’s handy that you tell where you come from? Because if you are living in The States and your potential visitors are from the states too, you better take a webhost from there and not from another country far away… I think that is the first thing to select on.

    Yes, I’m in the United States. I have been looking at SteadFast hosting. Anyone ever dealt with them?


    Ok, thanks for the help, I decided to go with Steadfast hosting and namecheap domain. Works out well for only $35 a year! I looked at media temple before, but being only 16, $20 dollars a month is kind of up there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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