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    Also with criticism aside, where does Chris declare @font-face for the custom fonts he’s using?


    The new look works for me. It’s clean but I’m hoping the trend ‘less is more’ will soon be over. It’s hard to find sites that have a personal touch. The old css-tricks design was cool but the new design is cleaner and easier to read. I like that Chris is re-designing and keeps the site alive. I’m sure the ‘look’ of this site could be improved with a couple of borders here and there to keep stuff separated. Right now it feels like I’m walking around in a cloudy winter landscape without a fence and I’m afraid that I might fall into a big ice hole.

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    Also with criticism aside, where does Chris declare @font-face for the custom fonts he’s using?

    He’s using TypeKit, which doesn’t use @font-face. ;)


    I really much say I do not like the redesign.

    That being said there are some great parts of the site like the rollovers, and the fades. Two amazing touches! However to me the colors are terrible and take the whole warm feeling away from the site. Also, after reading articles for a few min the white really hurts my eyes even with the screen brightness way down. It does seems cleaner to me, but it def a step back when it comes to the actual design. Especially the navigation bar :( Once again though I love the footer (nice a quirky).


    My response is kind of 2 part:

    1) I really like all the new functionality, and the placement feels really good. The fonts are nice, and all the new jquery subtlies are very nice.

    2) But that being said, the actual layout itself I’m not a fan unfortunately. I feel like there is not enough color and/or brightness contrast to give the eyes those natural breaking points. The bright colors kind of all blend together. Maybe it’ll grow on me :P but I think I liked the design before last the best :)


    Big fan of the site’s content but my favourite design was the orange one 2 iterations ago. The most recent two redesigns feels a bit bland and cold, whereas the orange look felt more hand-crafted and visually rich. The grey/blue colour scheme feels off-brand, given the logo is still the lovely orange.


    The Latest Articles Direct Link button/link don’t display correctly in Chrome/Webkit. (I believe I’m using the latest one) Displays perfectly in FF4b3.

    Edit: Another thing, without AdBlock the forums look terribly small. There should really be an excuse for ads taking up half the screen while the content takes a back seat.


    Well this got a bit more response than I had thought it would >.>

    Well, after a couple days, the site has grown on me a bit. Things are always a bit weird feeling after a major redesign. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the feeling of real disfavor with the redesign and and the feelings of uncomfortability due to the lack of experience with the redesign. Changing something people are used to, for better or for worse, always makes people uncomfortable.

    I do like like the larger text, the footer, and the sidebar (although the sidebar has some weird gap issues in firefox, probably place holders for stuff Chris is going to put in later).

    Now that I’m a bit used to it, the only thing I would disagree with is the fadeIn, fadeOut on the articles on the home page. It would be nice to see the date and comments and the Read On button without having to hover it.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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