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    After looking at your site, Google translated it, and I noticed that you are putting quite a few personal things on your website. I would recommend not putting where your house is, and even not details about your school. Just my two cents.

    Also, I would tend to agree with the above comments about your background. I would try to make the gradient a little more subtle, and less thick.

    Also, with how young you look in your picture, I would say you are on the right track. Just keep building websites!

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    We’re all adults here, let’s try to act like one. No one is targeting you @djdaniel150, you initiated the argument by insulting someone for what they said about a page loading issue on their end. If you don’t like what someone has to say, there is a flag button on their post. Let’s try to keep this on-topic, myself included, as it’s not fair to the OP.

    @The_Doc exactly.

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    I just wanted to add that Miller Display is a great quality typeface for $40/yr if you’re willing to invest in improving your type choices. I personally love the italics. You can test it free for 30 days. Otherwise you can try out Typekit for $0.

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    @chrisburton Or he could also use google fonts which has a great collection of fonts for free.

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    @frijolito56 Not really. Majority are poor quality.

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    But, you have to admit Chris, for people starting out with limited funds (see: people under 18 who can’t get a credit card), it’s a pretty decent choice.

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    Typekit is a much better choice with the free plan.

    Free Library:

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    >Nice how you guys edit other peoples posts when they don’t agree with you and you talk negatively about other peoples hard work. Good job.

    I’m not sure who you think did this…most people here do not have that ability.

    IF a moderator DID edit/delete your post I would expect that it was to remove some comment which was outside the bounds of the ‘informal’ guidelines of expected behaviour.

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    > @thedoc Well I guess we can confirm that we have a troll among our midst?

    This exactly.

    @Htmlmainiac – and you know what little guy, although the websites aesthetics are a bit random (overuse of gradients, colours etc) you’ve still done a pretty good job, so well done.

    I work in a secondary school (11-16) years olds as a computer technician and the kids that are in year 11 (15-16) are being told to use dreamweaver templates with tables.

    When you get to high school, your knowledge of the HTML structure will be probably better than the teachers.

    Just keep on building websites, playing around with new technologies and never stop trying to learn. I wish I had started as early as you.

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    I agree with what @watson90 said.

    One of the things we learn (mostly) as we get older is that ‘less is more’. Making gradients (for instance) less intense / subtler reduces the overall ‘shock’ value to the viewer the first time they open your page.

    Websites are about content. The presentation should be used to enhance the content and if the styling is SO drastic that it drags the attention away from your content then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle and people won’t stay (or come back) to hear what you have to say (or sell).

    Given my understanding of your age, I’m really impressed.

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    To be honest with you @Htmlmainiac – I have been doing web design and development coming up to 2 years now and it was only a couple of months ago that I had to learn how to use WordPress and learn how to edit the file structure.

    Also when I completed my first live website for a client, I didn’t have a _clue_ about any back-end stuff such as uploading files via FTP, updating Nameservers and the like.

    Just take most of the advice on this thread as constructive criticism and learn from it =)

    Like @paulie_d said, less is more. And you’ll learn that as you progress in the field.

    If I could show you my first ever static website that I coded up in college (when I was 18 years old) – it wouldn’t even come close to yours, haha.

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    @watson90 I think my first school web project had the text saved as an image, the navigation bar image mapped and everything was absolutely positioned. To my teenage eyes, it was beautiful. To my teacher’s eyes, it was less so.

    But I agree with the sentiment. I wish that I had started as early as you have, @HTMLManiac, and think it’s great that you’re entering competitions so early :)

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    Haha @David_Leitch!

    I remember the website having a yellow background, blue text and a list of my favourite hobbies, the font was styled with Comic Sans everywhere!

    Plus all of my CSS was inline :/

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    @watson90 …and lots of animated gifs too…I bet!

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    Flaming hell, he’s got video embedded?

    Mad skills young man & major props!

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