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    I’d love any and all comments on the site.



    The website is looking awsome, its simple and elegant. just two very small things since you asked for comments, you have used quite a big background in the body probably you could cut it in small pixels and repeat it, and then use the other background images on top of it. And the thing is that when the “Surf ” slides down , you have addes some extra white space at the bottom ‘cape cod’, I think that extra white space is not looking very good.
    And also style the scroll bar in locations page, the scroll in not going with you design.


    These are awesome inputs! THank you for taking the time !

    What do you me translate it up ? (Sorry I’m new)

    and @Sayed , are you referring to the wood background , and to make that cut up ? I’m not sure how that would work with the grain and images overlayed. I agree that white space is not good, I’ll see if I can figure out how to remove that.

    Yeah the scroll bar, I agree with too, I was trying to figure out what to do about that bar.

    Thanks again !


    I’d certainly make the email sign-up field much larger….it’s really small and hard to read what you have typed in.

    The scroll scrollbar appears because there is too much top-margin on the #page-wrap. Maybe 50px instead of 100px?

    Obviously, if the viewport is just too small there is nothing you can do but it’s an option for you.

    I too find the Surf hover thing annoying…perhaps have it activate with a click?


    You should slide the ribbon a little more to the left because its covering the vertical scroll bar. Also you should move it a bit higher so that it looks like its wrapped and coming from the back falling over the frame, something like [this]( “”)


    @Paulie_d and @Jarolin thanks ! I agree the ribbon needs to be worked on . I’ll use both of your suggestions. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it, the more eyes I can get on this project the better. Stand by for v2.


    Some are saying I should use jQuery for my menu navigation and such, any thoughts on that process. I know zero about it, so I’m debating it it’s worth learning quickly or not ?


    wow , that looks like a cool tool @Crocodillon! I’ll check it out for sure !


    I can easily make that Surf ribbon thing repeat itself forever, so there is certainly something wrong with it. Move your mouse over it in pure right to left to right to left fashion and then let your mouse rest just below it and you’ll see what I mean. It keeps doing it even if I’m not visually on top of it.


    use .stop() before you slide-up or slide-down this ribbon block.



    Well I’m just getting into jQuery , if I were to use it , I’d write one main page (at least this is my interpretations) then use different actions to change the content of the div based on the click. But like you said it’s already doing what it needs to. The link @Crocodillon posted was very nice though.

    As for the newletter signup- yep working on that. Constant Contact seems to require inline CSS which is annoying. Plus the way my divs are setup, getting everything to act nicely with each other is very hard.

    Menus – I completely agree the menus should be HTML , but massive pain in the ass would be understatement as much as they change menu, and the plans for social and mobile integration down the road.

    and @Merri and @JoshWhite , that is awesome, seems to be the consensus on the ribbon. It’s there for novelty as the owner. It’s a surf report. But yes super annoying with the animation. I’ll study the stop events now.

    Thanks again, it’s so helpful to have this type of forum and critique. AWESOME!


    Well the .Stop DEFINITELY helped the annoying ribbon. Is there a way to make it just so the ribbon is the active section of a mouse over, rather than a long box of space before the ribbon ?

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