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    I have made this new web designer blog called HTML~Mainia and i would like to hear what you think of it.

    Check it out [here]( (I havent got the domain name yet for it)


    I would probably suggest to keep it simple. I think you’re trying to implement too many things which is understandable when you’re first starting out but, overall it may not be appealing. There’s still some inconsistencies in your layout that I think you should work on, such as the footer, links, etc. For me, it’s easier to create all the content without a full design. Basically, I just remove the text-underline from links, create the basic layout and what not. I don’t really apply any colors to anything at first.


    I agree with Chris. and also I personally feel that the blue color is going well with the black background. The header logo is also taking unnecessary space which is looking odd.


    I think you website needs little bit of more styling. removing underlines from main navigation and footer links would be a good idea, i think.
    The sidebar and the search-bar have the transparent border around it which i think is good but it disappears almost completely at the right side which i think does not look so good.
    I agree with @sayedtaqui that logo is taking lots of unnecessary space, you might try making it little small and with little better image quality as its little pixelated.
    I also have a blog like this [Link to my blog]( “web design and development”)


    I like dark interfaces but this red don’t look so great on blue as it should.
    If you have trouble to find some color combinations, I recommend to take a look at [Kuler]( from Adobe.


    The red on blue is unreadable for me and I’m getting some odd action. The title site name and slogan are not showing up for me (in Win7 Chrome or FF) unless I hi-lite them. I kind of found them by mistake.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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