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    Hey everyone I need some help finding the right software.

    I have a client that does image/photo framing and what they want is for there customers to be able to upload there image and choose the frame and mounting that they want and the site to give them a live example of what it would look like.

    Now they are currently using the service []( which is a very pricey hosted service which they are looking to get rid of because it’s not quite working/integrating properly with there current site.

    Does anyone know of a self hosted option that I could introduce them too that does the same thing but works.

    Thanks everyone.



    What would you need to make it integrate properly? Depending on what you really need (could you elaborate, maybe with examples of what is not quite working with your current service), maybe using CSS’ border-image could be sufficient?


    @CrocoDillon The problem with the current version they have on there site is that the images they have aren’t loading into the frame system properly, also the way that the current system works you can tell it is an outside service because it just doesn’t look rite when people go into it because the design cannot be changed from the default.


    Sounds a lot like what Mpix do. Not sure how they implement their site.


    Does anyone have an idea at all?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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