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    Martin Duran

    Hello, I’ve been working, for about a month, on a very unique website. It’s coming along, and is soon to enter it’s final stages: testing for ui, and final styling.

    Note: this is not my design, I simply developed it. The design credit goes to Eric Small

    I’m wondering what you all think of it, and how it could be approved.

    P.S. – it’s responsive ; )

    Here is the link:


    I like the design but have problems with using the site. First of all, I can’t use it the way I usually use websites. No scrolling with the mouse wheel, no navigating with back and forwards buttons. Navigation at the bottom. An eye icon to remove the navigation doesn’t seem to be intuitive enough. But these are UI problems you probably can fix.


    I really like the idea of the elevator & the cartoons are very nice.

    But aside from that I found it very difficult to use your site at first because I somehow exspected it to work like a parallex scrolling site but that to use that navigation (and everybody here works with websites, so I would think “normal” users would have even more problems). Also the eye button doesn’t look like it has anything to do with your navigation, maybe you could just make an “>” for hiding right next to the navigation.

    Another thing is accessibility. I am a little bit farsighted and found you font-size way to small and you have no buttons to increase it.

    Furthermore I also found a bug while using your site. If you click on on of “Our Campaings => Political” and then hold your scrolling wheel down and navigate to the right without closing the “political” window and open “Corporate”, this is the result . Once I’m at this point I can’t close any of the windows and can’t scroll to the sides holding down the scrolling wheel.


    Should definitely still allow the user to scroll.


    Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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