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    Federico Balboa

    Hi !

    I´ve read Chris post “A Compendium of SVG Information” , but i have a doubt.

    If i have an illustrator vector header ( with a 1900 px x 300px dimensions, and then i export it to svg, the files are very big. (5mb each)
    How is the standard size for a svg if my .ai file is 1900 px x 300px ?
    i want that svg displayed like an 1900px x 300px image on the browser.
    It isn´t equivalent, maybe i could reduce the file size and then play with the background-size property.

    this is correct ?

    thanks in advance


    You would have to find a way of stripping out all the extra stuff that Illustrator.

    There are a few SVG Optimisers around. Chris mentioned them here:

    Inline SVG elements’s don’t exactly have ‘set’ sizes per se. They can be any size but the co-ordinate system would, I assume, be 1900×300.

    If you are actually using an SVG image and not an element then the native size would be 1900×300.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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