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    Hey everybody! It’s finally getting warm here in Minnesota and so I’m in good cheer!

    I have a favor to ask. My website and I are going to be appearing in Web Designer magazine next month and I want to make some upgrades to my site before it gets exposed to the masses. I have a few ideas involving adding some jquery effects here and there to jazz it up, and condensing the Services page, but I wanted to put it out there and see if any of you fine people had any opinions/suggestions regarding its design and/or functionality.

    Be as pleasant or as mean as you like, I’m not a proud guy. You might notice that I do like the color orange.

    Here she is:




    Nice nice… I like orange to…

    I think I only have 2-3 small things to comment on:
    First is the underline on the Hover… I feel like its a little to far away from the text… I would have moved it up close to the bace line of the font, and make it the same colour.

    Second, I believe your Heading images (website-design-minnesota.png) could do with a Stronger font, it disappears a little under the main heading. Just make it a nudge stronger.

    third not really that important, but in the heading you have quite a lot of orange empty space.. (don’t get me wrong i like empty spaces) it just don’t feel in harmony… try and move the text “freelance web-designer” in the middle in-between the pens and enlarge it a little.. or maybe not.. hard to say…

    Now when I look at it some more…
    Put your logo above the pen (do some shadow as it would lean on the pen, or something). The Logo is way more important than the pen.

    Thats my 5 cents, and congrats on getting you published.



    Personally I can’t really fault it. You have good markup, the design is quite original, nicely mixing the standard titles/text/images with quirky things like the torn paper headings, slightly skewed text and images etc.

    One thing I would point out though is a lack of title over the left hand side. At first I thought those squares may have been adverts, like on many sites, before realising it was your portfolio


    Hey guys, thanks a lot for taking some time to look it over and give me your feedback, really appreciate it!

    , I agree about the underline in the nav links, I think I’ll either do as you suggested or scrap the underline altogether.
    I understand your point about the empty space at the top, maybe I could make better use of that area, but I don’t want it to feel cluttered, I quite like that there’s nothing up there to distract you from the content. I do agree that I could make the logo more prominent, although the logo itself is from my last site where I branded myself as more of a company, aka JB Design, and now I’ve switched to just advertising myself as a freelancer so I didn’t want to push the logo TOO much. I’ll have a play around with it though.
    In regards to the headings, I agree with you maybe 50% :). I want the main focus initially to be on that first header (Attractive, usable and unique…’) and then for their attention to either filter down to the sections below, to the image of the recent piece of work, or off to the portfolio links on the left. Those sections intended to be secondary and so it’s not critical that they read them.

    , that’s a really valuable point. It’s funny how when you’ve created a site and know how it’s supposed to be used then you forget about usability from the standpoint of a first time visitor! I’ll put a subtle title or some kind of indicator above it to let users know that they are in fact portfolio links and not ads.

    I was thinking I should add some more interactivity to some of the elements, maybe some subtle motion, or do you fellahs think that might be a bit overkill?

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