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    Hi. I’ve been playing with animations (specifically transform:translate) and was being driven nuts constantly changing the interval percentages and the x & y coordinates, so I’ve written an Excel workbook to do it. You enter Starting keyframe (e.g., 0 to start at 0%), Required keyframe time interval (e.g., .5 for keyframes at 0, .5%, 1%, 1.5%, etc), Left-right start, Required left-right interval (e.g., 5 for 0, 5%, 10%, etc.), Top-bottom start, and Required top-bottom interval (e.g., 5 for 0, 5%, 10%, etc.). It’s probably clearer “in the flesh” than from that description. I’ve used left-right and top-bottom rather than X and Y because I can never keep them straight.

    So far I’ve only set it up for translate, but I’ll play with other transforms later. I’ve tested it in Excel 2010 but it’s saved as .xls and I’m pretty sure it will be backwards compatible. If you’d like a copy, let me know – I guess you’ll have to send me your email address, or I can put a link on my site (which is finally under construction – hooray).

    If you take it, please let me know if it can be improved.

    All the best – Cath

    On the site now:

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