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    I’ve been trying to adapt & apply Photo Revealer (HERE), and am getting some unpredictable behavior.

    Sometimes after the page loads, one or more of the thumbnails fail to open the larger images, instead just displaying a narrow box the height of the thumbnail. Usually this can be “fixed” by refreshing the page, but sometimes this doesn’t work. However if I type in the full url, INCLUDING index.html, this usually does the trick. I see this same behavior no matter what browser I use (2 versions of Firefox: 3.6.16 and 4.0, IE8, Safari 5.0.2, Chrome 10.0.648.204, and Opera 11.0).

    The only thing I can imagine is maybe this has something to do with where I have the DEMO. It lives on a domain that’s actually a subdomain of one of my sites.

    Could that be causing this unusual behavior? If so, do you think that once the Photo Revealer effect is applied to the client’s site (no longer with a subdomain situation), this won’t happen?

    BTW, markup validates, and CSS does too (other than text-shadow).



    I was wondering why no responses, then realized I didn’t link to the demo on my staging area. My bad.

    Photo Revealer demo

    And after adding “index.html” to the URL to make a more specific URL


    That is a weird issue. It could have something to do with the fact that the index.html file is being used within a sub-domain of the site.

    If this page was located in the loose section of your HTML folder I doubt it would be having this problem.

    A good way to fix things like this is actually create a sub-domain redirecting to that page. For example, instead of forcing the user to type in: Set up a sub-domain that redirects users to that address by using: or whatever.

    Again, I DOUBT you will have this issue once you load the site onto her webspace.

    I figured I’d give you some input since no one has responded yet. That being said, I’m definitely not on the level of some of the people here so you may wanna wait for a more well-informed response.


    Thanks for the reply, Mike.

    I suspect you’re right, that once this is no longer in a subdomain location the unusual behavior will disappear. Hope that’s the case.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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