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    what are your favourite snippets for NOTEPAD++ ?
    best 5, 10 used

    I am looking for one which can insert chunks if pre written code

    as if I write html
    it inserts whole html doctype, head, etc.

    as if I write img
    it inserts by default


    Check out Sublimetext 2


    I don’t use Notepad++ any longer as it’s completely bulky and full of buttons. Not something I like when I develop. But Sublimetext 2 does what you’re asking. I guess someone else will come along to answer your question.


    I shouldn’t have responded as my opinion is irrelevant to your question. Sorry about that.


    Zen Coding.



    Then press Ctrl+e.

    And your cursor will be in the body.

    Try this:


    and hit Ctrl+e.

    Here’s what your result will expand to:

    Your cursor will be in the quotes of the first href=”” and you can use ctrl+alt+} to jump the cursor to the next spot to edit, which would be the src of the img.

    Hope this helps.


    @krysak4ever Apart from Windows, SublimeText2 is ported to OSx as well as Linux.

    I think it’s a good idea to get used to an editor you can use regardless of the OS.


    I’m using SublimeText2 on Linux, it works well.


    I knew ZenCoding, and it looks pretty cool, but I’ve actually bought Snippet Bin when it just came out. When I saw your link I was really surprised anyone else knew it! :D

    I was really looking for an app that works anywhere on my comp, even in browsers and shit. Snippet Bin has that. It takes a little while to insert everything, but once you’re done it’s like personalized to how you code, and it makes it very customizable, you know? that’s just my 2 cents..


    how do you mean, How you get the text you saved in snippet bin?

    Well, agiledev has a pretty good system. Lemme try to explain: you have a trigger: 2 slashes > ‘//’. That’s the first thing you have to type.

    If you look in the snippet bin window, on the left you see categories, expand those, they’re just so you don’t lose track of your different shortcuts. in the categories, the shortcuts are listed.

    Shortcuts are the words you can write after the ‘//’.

    When you click on a shortcut, a textbox opens with code in it, and there are some tabs too, but i’ll explain those in a sec.

    If you write ‘//list’ and then space, anywhere, snippet bin is gonna get the default text from ‘list’ shortcut. The default text is the textfield in the ‘default’ tab. Those are the basics..

    The tabs just give you sub-options, you just add a tab with whatever name you think is logical as a subname, like ‘compact’ and put things in the textfield, then if you want to get the ‘compact’ tab from the shortcut ‘list’, type ‘//list_compact’ you see? But you don’t have to use the tabs if you don’t like em. You should also check out parameters, they’re explained in the preview video

    And I must say I have very good experiences with the guys from agiledev, they are REALLY helpful, you can tell they take pride into their product.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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