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    The last months I am learning a lot about css. But my website is from before that period. So therefore there are a lot of things in my css that are probably not so good or not on the best way they could have been. For example: when I resize the browserwindow to smaller than 1024×768 pixels, some things don’t look good anymore. The footer is going over the content for example. And I am quiet sure there are more things that aren’t done on the best way it could have been done. Would you like take a look at my site and give a feedback over the css?

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    The site looks nice to me, I’m sure you weren’t asking me, I think I’ve heard Chris mention that you can have the footer stick to the bottom…don’t really have anything to say but it looks nice.

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    Hey Edwin,

    It looks like your footer comes up over the content because of the negative top margin on it. It looks like you might have wanted that because of the min-heights on the left and right that were probably pushing it down, you could adjust those and get rid of that negative margin and be cool there.

    One of the things that is a little awkward is how things overlap when the browser window is squished down. Perhaps there is a better way to handle that 3-column thing while enforcing the integrity of each column. Like a percentage width for the left and right and a min-width for the middle? I dunno that might be fun to experiment with.

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    Thank you for your feedback Chris, (and your compliments, NikeAirforce1s ;) ).
    I think I can do something with the things you said. I will work on it the coming weeks :)
    Maybe the best way to do it, is to just start over with the content+footer mark-up and css and try it with a fresh new start?

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    Try using a list for the navigation instead of divs. other than that, looks good.

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    Thanks! Good tip :) (first reaction was being a little bit ashamed, I now always use ul’s for navigation, but I didn’t knew that when I builded this website) I am glad the rest looks good to you. More tips are still welcome :)

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    I think we all have used divs for that sort of thing at one point in time. Yes I wll admit it, I have done that very same thing as well :oops: . But it doesn’t really matter that much.

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