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    Every site I build looks like a train wreck in IE :twisted: .

    Is there some kind of list of things not to do or fixes I can place into my code?

    IE :twisted: is killing SOOOO much of my time, I don’t know how to fix all the problems.


    Rob MacKay

    the only advice I can give without seeing anything is make your code better.

    IE7 isnt too bad to work around, you can pretty much make it all work without hacks – IE6 is something else though.

    There are many solutions

    But the first and main solution is make sure you code is accurate. If you are using margin or padding to position your block elements (like divs) then that is going to cause you problems cross browser. Making sure you attach a unit of measure to the end of your defined numers (height:100px for example) and that kind of thing.

    Do you have any problems specifically?


    Whilst developing my current site I managed to make it look different in every browser that I tested it in. IE 6,7,8 & FF. After trawling through my CSS code it was because I should of been using padding instead of margin. That alone fixed the issues that I had. I should mention that I’m using floats to layout my website.

    My personal tips:

    Try using a doc type that gets your browser into standards or near standards compliance mode.

    These two are my favourites:


    This website was quite helpful for me:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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