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    When i write a new post in WordPress the paragraphs dont make spece between each other even thought i make it manually in post editor. No css is applied to paragraphs except for font size.

    Here is a picture that could explain it better than me.

    As you can see from the pic you have space between paragraphs in VISUAL and TEXT post editor but not in a published post. IF anyone has any idea why i would be grateful !


    We’d need a link to diagnose this.


    You probably set the margins of paragraphs to 0 somewhere. Wouldn’t be able to tell for sure without a link.


    It’s on my local hosting (using WAMP) is there any other way I can show it to you guys?

    edit: Here’s the weird thing, on one of my posts there are breaks between paragraphs but that’s because there were manually placed


    p> tags so I guess wordpress isn’t making lines into paragraphs when i write new posts?


    @mcjohnst Yes it works on other theme(twentyeleven). But still don’t know what do i need to do so it can work on my theme as well.


    All i saw is that Twenty eleven used margin-bottom:1.625em; on p and that’s what I added to my theme as well :D

    Eric Gregoire

    I’m guessing you’re familiar with installing WordPress on a server, so why not give X10 hosting a try? If you feel like going through the trouble, then we could take a look at the code for your theme.

    Completely free for testing and you get cPanel and all that. You have to use their database wizards and stuff, unfortunately, to set up a WP database.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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