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    Here’s a new site I just let loose this evening. There may/may not be some tweaking along the way. The client wanted it up ASAP and ASAP is what they got. I’ve already rec’d some feedback about the footer and that it feels like the page doesn’t have any kind of end to it and I can certainly see that perspective. I may/may not style that differently. Don’t know yet.

    Well here goes

    FYI Chris – this retreat is taking place in your home state – go Badgers!


    Thanks Doc for the good and instructive feedback.

    I’m not seeing the header image shift – may just be bad eye sight setting in ;)

    Yeah..I realize there are no headers on those pages – To be honest it was my intent to get this thing up before tomorrow when they were wanting it & had intentions of going back and tweaking. The client has this event coming up soon and wanted to start marketing it, ie., save-the-date cards already printed with tomorrow’s date on it hence the rush although not life and death. You are correct in that both pages need those.

    Thanks for bringing those header image sizes to mind again. I guess that got lost last night in the rush with the h1 and h2 tags.

    Gotcha on linking that logo to the main page. I agree with you on that as well.

    Again, very appreciative of you taking the time for good feedback.



    Nothing doing in FF2 in Windows – I’ll check it out in the AM at work where I’ve got dual 17" inchers to work with



    I think that it looks great.


    thanks for the kind words thunderhawk6630

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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