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    I have recently designed a new ‘Paper Inspired’ WordPress Theme, I am an experienced web designer however have never really looked into coding fully WordPress themes, so in theory this is my first attempt. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Henry!


    Hey Henry, nice work on the paper theme.

    That was the good news. :D

    I have no criticisms on any of the individual elements themselves, but (and forgive me for saying so) as a whole, the site looks unfinished somehow. Viewing at 1280px wide there are large, bland brown spaces to the left and right as one scrolls down. Elements such as the illustrated post headers are not blending correctly with the background (although with the variations in the tone of the grey paper, you’ve probably got it as close as it’ll get), and the drop shadow at the bottom of the page is wider than the object it’s shadowing. To cap it all, that grey paper is just unpleasant to look at – harsh, but there you go! ;)

    My advice (if you’re still reading! :D ) is that I reckon if you change the tone of the grey paper, get some (maybe non-repeating) elements to break up the brown deserts to the side, and generally jazz the page up a little with some colour you could be on a winner. By the way, why – if you’re taking the trouble to design post headers as you have – are you repeating the title above the image? Why not go the whole hog and just have the image contain the full title and be done with it? They’re damn nice – use them. Maybe see how they look if you extend them to beyond the edges of the grey background, the margins are looking a little too well ordered for the ‘hand-made’ look…

    Anyway, hope this helps in some way!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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