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    Hey all!
    Currently making a new website for a racing team – my first project.
    In WIP stages and I have to stick to an orange and gray colour scheme.
    (Social icons are meant to be in the bottom right corner horizontal!)


    I really like the background image but for me the social icons with their background sort of clash. Maybe a different gray tint?
    The sponsor now should be a lot more prominent, “in your face” and it should stand out from the image of the driver. Make it in the absolute center or make a button with something similar to “Learn More”.

    Here is a great CSS buton generator:
    They give the CSS code and it’s really easy to add to the HTML: <a class="btn" href="#">Sponsor Us Now!</a>

    Nice first project! :)


    Also, I think you should tone down the compression on the main image a little. Personally I would sacrifice a fraction of a second of loading time to make the image easier to read and look at.


    A screenshot? D:
    I want something interactive so I can really test it, how flexible it is, how it matches all together and how it does perform.

    However, even though I dislike giving reviews based on just an image, I try to point out what buggs me.

    Is the left side meant to be a navigation? if so – will it pop out on hover to tell you ecactly where you are going? icons do not always enhance usability, but in this case it is hard to tell where you are taking me when I click one of the icons.

    Content is also something very important to give you a review.
    So far its only a very clean but motivational poster :P
    Based on what the logo and the quote says, I would come to several conclusions what the website is about. Telling others what the website is about on the very first peak is very important.
    Well we know its about racing.
    Do we know if they sell/rent their vehicles to others? is it a company owning race tracks or just organizing racing events?
    Is it for professionals only?

    I don’t mean to be negative here, but it is hard to give constructive critics.

    As mentioned by other users: the team login and sponsor now could be less intimidating. by having the same margin/padding and maybe also style. The “we are poor, give us money” button stands out more than the team login.
    I don’t even know the purpose of the company yet, why do you already put a “throw money to me!” button right on the first page? (and probably on every page)


    I was thinking the same as @Martin_Muzatko.


    @Martin_Muzatko @SilverSerpent @GroovyMotion @RosalineBettencourt

    Really interesting feedback thanks a lot guys.

    I have hosted the website, so hopefully it will give you guys a better indication. I’m willing to take as much criticism and feedback as possible, as they say: you only learn from your mistakes! :)

    I know there is content missing and some things may be misaligned (such as the images on the progress page, and sizings/positionings of titles) however I am still trying to get round those issues. Still trying to work out how I can implement a icon being selected when on that section of the site, as it is a single page layout, I can’t think of a way to have one item stay selected on click.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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