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    I should clarify what I mean by imitating. Didn’t want to make it sound like copying. Two are very different IMO. Imitating is simply seeing something and iterating over it to make it better, expend on the concept or conform the idea to what you are trying to achieve.

    I agree that it’s supremely beneficial, but IMO is not required to have successful team.


    >I’m not going to hire a bum off the street just because he knows the way around a city. I’m going to hire a professional.

    If you **HIRED** him, he **WOULDN’T BE A BUM ANYMORE**


    > If you HIRED him, he WOULDN’T BE A BUM ANYMORE

    And he wouldn’t be a professional either.


    I was looking at this app a few weeks ago and am actually kind of excited about it. It seems to solve a lot of the problems I was having with reflow when playing with it such as reusable classes and using anything but absolute positing as a default.

    Based on the presentation at the HTML5 conf in SF a few months back, adobe wants to push reflow as a replacement for Photoshop for responsive web designers. They do want to be part of the workflow for industry professionals, though that might have just been marketing speak. I personally don’t see myself changing my workflow out of Photoshop any time soon, though I just use it lay out ideas and do a majority of my “design” work in sass.

    My company does use contractors for some design work, and I think an app like this would be good for them as none of them seem to really consider the impact some of what they are trying to do with have on the code of the site. Not that it would change their designs much, but little things like, do all of these images need fancy curved drop shadows that either have to be images or take waaaay to much css to replicate, or can they just be normal css box shadows?

    Anyway, my nickel and a dime.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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