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    From the folks that make CSSEdit, they’re working on a new app called Espresso. It kinda looks like they took what they have with CSSEdit and applied it to a code editor. I’ve only barely started messing with CSSEdit, but one of the coolest things about it is a live preview, and I mean live. (Highlight font-size in the panel and hit the arrow keys and watch the preview update with each press. Those familiar with Firebug already know what that feels like, but here you just hit save.)

    If this new app works just as well, I think it’ll be pretty slick. Can’t wait to try it out. Comes out in November, but just wanted to let everyone know. Anyone else dig using CSSEdit?

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    I’m pretty excited about it, hoping the code editor part will be a little more full featured than Coda’s. We’ll see! I’m trying to get in on the Beta, haven’t heard yet.

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    Been watching this for a while now – it looks to me to potentially be what Coda should have been. The feature-set of the text editor hints at tab-stop snippet calling ala TextMate – I do hope so!

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