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    Hello, I’m new to css coding and I have a question about hiding attribute text on my ecommerce website’s product detail pages (I use a template). My dilemma is that some of my products have multiple attributes which will show up text and prices under the product title, thus creating a very messy looking page for my products. I would like to find a way to hide this text without corrupting the attribute’s cart “update” function when they choose an attribute. Here is a link to one of my products to get a better idea of my concern:

    Homestead will not help unless you pay them to design or change the template (understandable… to an extent), but I cannot afford to pay them at this time. So….I’m forced to try and figure it out for myself.

    They did tell me where the code was located, but would not tell me what or how to change it. Here is the code they suggested I figure out a way to change:




    Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Marcy [code]



    Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Marcy [code]

    Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)


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    Thanks so much for your help! Yes, that would be correct. I tried that but it is still there:

    Any other options?

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    Marcey, just a wild guess: what happens if you remove (or comment out) the line

    Does that break the cart? Maybe you already have tried that ;)
    Otherwise, maybe some of the other [methods of hiding](

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    Magnus: I tried that and nothing happens…

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    ChrisP: I’m a little confused as to what you mean by “make sure there’s no publish my changes option as I don’t see any changes to the site at all.”. There is an option for that, but I never publish anything until I know it’s going to work. I usually hit “save” and then “preview” to view the changes. If they aren’t correct I can simply click on “undo”.

    I’ve also looked in the Stylesheet Base css template but can’t find anything there that has anything to do with the attributes functions.

    Any other suggestions? And thanks again for all the help :)

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