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    This is my first post here and would love some feedback on a website I’m working on. I’m still putting in content and have more pages to add but I think at this point I could get some constructive criticism.


    Thanks for the help everyone.


    "TheDoc" wrote:
    I like it. Probably could have a little more pop to it, but I don’t really have any major qualms with it, good job.

    Thanks for the feedback. The graphics and photos are coming but as of right now I’m trying to get all the content in place. Appreciate you taking a look.


    thanks for the feedback ikthius, I agree with you about the image and I wasn’t sure on the spacing. It was getting late that night so I just left it there. Having another eye helps out and I will place more spacing b/t the two sides.

    As for the navigation, I can see your point. As for it being slow, I don’t think it’s that slow and the ones on CSS-Tricks seem to hover pretty fast. As designers or developers we pay attention to small details like that because we must.


    I think the green text should be turned into black, or a more complimenting color that goes with purple. I like the design…maybe instead of having the smaller I-stock picture as the main header, you should have a larger, more modern picture that draws the eye in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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