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    Hey all,

    I’d like some critique, comments, venting your day, on my latest design…

    (tiny url’d for search engines of course)

    It’s not complete by any means in terms of content. But the design is pretty much there. I haven’t linked to the homepage either, but will of course do that. Oh, and also I’ll be changing the "Properties" to Property in the logo… We just purchased the URL, so I’ll be changing it to match.


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    Not a bad start, but the site overall feels rather dark to me. I’d like to be looking for homes in a nice and bright site.

    I think the layout overall works, but there’s something missing to give it that "professional" look, I just can’t quite put my finger on it. It could have something to do with it being so dark?

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    Thanks. That’s a very good point… My idea for the final look of it is to have a high res picture in the background… the brown content box and green nav box are actually transparent .pngs. The pictures would then be large mountain scapes, etc. So there’d be alot of light blue sky etc. I know you can’t see that now, so when I complete everything, with content, property search etc, I’ll have to post it again.

    Do you mean doesn’t look professionally executed, or doesn’t have a professional look in terms of its subject?

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