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    Hey everyone,

    I’v recently be designing, building then re-designing my portfolio website until i had something that i actually liked.

    I think i’m at a stage where i am ready to get some feedback on what i can improve etc.

    The website domain is:

    This website is made with HTML, CSS, PHP and some Javascript. Please note i’v already had some tech heads inform me the HTML5 is the overall term for the new standards and changes made to CSS etc. But have decided to keep it anyway.

    Also please take into consideration that im only 19 so my portfolio of designs is still building.


    It feels weird that the jagged border from the header disappears after scrolling, but maybe you did this intentionally to make it less distracting?

    Things like learning, basic and intermediate are things for resumes. If you’re going for freelance work I think it’s better to come off as confident about your skills as you can. You can always learn stuff you don’t know yet when you need it.

    > HTML5 is the overall term for the new standards

    That’s only partially true. If you are referring to having CSS3 and JS listed in addition to HTML5, just keep it like that.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, you might want to make portfolio items clickable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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