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    Im brand new to this forum and try to check it out :)

    I’m still in the learnig process of CSS and html but want to show my side which I made the last 3days :) (with support of CSS-Tricks)
    its at:
    ..any code or form hints appreciated :)

    I just saw the video about the flash integration(siFR) to implement some unique fonts but with CSS3 comes this "font-face" attribute which does the same job? My gues is that it is better to use sIFR because not all browser support "the font-face" …maybe wait 1/2 a year or till every browser supporting it??




    thx for the reply first :),


    ..yes your’re right
    as for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) thx for the hint ..and yes I know its good practise to apply some text for H1

    My only worry is a that a scrollbar appears on the bottom (in Safari(mac)) if I resize the page?
    Any idear how I can get rid of that?
    I know that it appears if you shrink the content but if I resize the the window again, the scrollbark wont dissapear even if the page is "much" bigger then the content?

    Any Idear?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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