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    Hey Guys, thought I’d let you have a look at my current project. After a day of tearing my hair out over this one I’ve actually arrived at what I think to be a fairly solid place. It’s a fairly typical layout, I desperately need to work on outputting some more adventurous work.

    Anyway, This design was actually already mocked and in development. But being myself I became irrationally unhappy with the way it was looking and the flow of it. And just bleh. You can see the half finished markup of the initial layout here: .

    I took this back to the drawing board, and tweaked it and tweaked it. Trying to clean it up, give it better flow, better content representation. and overall a less bizarre experience.

    So here’s the result of today’s tweaking, … e2/sizes/o

    I’m muuuch happier with this new mock, and hopefully you guys will agree that i’m moving in a better direction! (You’d better because im quickly running out of hair to tear out)

    looking forward to some feedback, hope you guys like it..

    Cheers, Greg

    ps, the featured field image is just a google images hijacked placeholder, I’m hoping to replace that with some location shots, possibly even a scrolling 360 view of some local landmarks, and to have an overlay of the trainer, Stuart sitting over the top.


    Awesome job on the revision, looks much better I think.

    I actually don’t have any suggestions for you, I think it’s perfect.

    "TheDoc" wrote:
    Awesome job on the revision, looks much better I think.

    I actually don’t have any suggestions for you, I think it’s perfect.

    Thanks alot Doc !

    I am very relieved you preferred the revision :lol:


    got this guy marked up today, went fairly smoothly..

    markup is to a reasonable standard, I always feel like I could use less divs, more semantically (especially with this build :/ ), but at least it’s reasonable, and surprisingly doesn’t go crazy in ie6, which i found delightful and quite shocking. 8-)

    "apostrophe" wrote:
    That is really sweet. :D

    Great use of the image sprite, and I love the subtle, pseudo animations on the sidebar and footer links, done without resorting to javascript.

    I went a bit nuts with the sprite sheet in this layout, often I can’t manage to fit so much on to it but I think this layout just gave me more opportunity to. I am glad you noticed though, as it’s definitely a conscious effort!

    A lesson for those amongst us who can’t wait to break out the jQuery at the first possible opportunity (the defendant pleads guilty, your honour :? )

    hehe, I hope you noticed that jquery and a master JS file with an empty dom ready declaration is there! Because I was looking for ANY excuse to use it >< But ultimately didn’t find that excuse ! surely that makes me more guilty than the average bear!

    If I wanted to be pedantic then my only suggestion would be to highlight the current page, other than that, great job!

    Yeah you’re 100% right there, I have it mildly hooked into wordpress at the moment, and page slugs in my body ID. So the functionality is there for it. SI’ll get that sorted out tomorrow. Coda is officially closed for today :shock:

    Really pleased you liked it, thanks for the comment!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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