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    Ok so I want to move from PC to Mac. I am used to working on a dual screen desktop but do a fair bit of traveling so would like to move all my web work to a laptop.

    Would I have enough screen relistate on an old mac book or the 13″ air? I don’t want to get one and throw it at the wall out of frustration scrolling up, down, left and right lol.

    Obviously the retina mac book would be great but i am thinking I travel on planes and “can I get away with” the air or a 13-15″ old mac book. Would save me some money as well. £1800 in the UK.

    Would appreciate some advice from people who actually use them.

    Thanks dudes!


    It’s tough to say. The portability of the Air is absolutely amazing, but I find the 13″ screen can be a little small at times. I think you should get a computer that is best for the *majority* of your situation. So if you are designing at home for 90% of the time, get a 13″ Air and hook it up to a 27″ monitor.

    If you are on the road more than you are at home, then perhaps a 15″ is more up your alley.


    I used to plug a laptop into a large monitor but then I just thought “whats the point” and bought a desktop. If im going to use a laptop I want to USE the thing in its entiety. Otherwise I’ll get an iMac.

    My train of thought is headed towards no other option but the Retina Mac Book Pro due to its insane resolution in a small screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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