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    Hi all – Just launched a new joke site as a personal project. Please view and give feedback, and also please click on the social media buttons to help the site grow.
    As you view it if you notice any problems with it could you also let me know which browser and version you viewed it on.
    Thanks for your time – hope you like it.


    Oh, I supose a link would be usefull. Must have slipped my mind earlier somehow… I have added the link to the first post. Thanks!


    I like, it has a nice and friendly interface that suits the theme :)


    I like the design and simplicity of it. Looks great. i think it’ll do well.


    I like it, nice fun feel to it.

    Just one suggestion. Maybe increase the line-height within the joke <p>, It might make it a little more appealing to read the longer jokes. Just a little easier on the eye.

    Just my opinion, I find when adjusting aspects such as the line-height that it is very much trial and error to get the best look.



    Personally I think it would be easier if there was a go back button, instead of having to put the date in. One problem with the date boxes is that if you put a wrong number in, and then click to the box, it does not does automatically selet the number so you can type the new one. And when you hit backspace, it goes to the next box.

    The design looks nice


    Thanks for all of the feedback, ill get to making the adjustments this weekend.

    ALso – PLEASE click on the social media icons to help the site grow :)

    Many Thanks


    Thanks for all of the feedback it is greatly appreciated, just thought I would say that I have implemented the idea that hornj sujested about the previous button for jokes, I also added a page which displays all of the jokes the site has used.
    Thanks again
    oh and still no facebook fans :(


    I love jokes and i think everyone loves jokes. But in rare case people have a time to search jokes on the Internet. Honestly i am saying that i like hen there was just ONE joke on the page. When first i click on the site, I saw a black page with an nice joke.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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