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    Greetings CSS guys and ladies!

    It’s known that the column support is poor and unpredictable. Even Lea Verou says it should be ok by now but its not.

    Column s are a very very beautiful way to display things without much markup or having to do horrible nested divs like the bootstrap fans does, i personally hate it a lot.

    this time i post an example regarding another bug in clumn layout and css transitions.

    Pen here

    watch the behavior of the plus (+) sign in the botton of the color square of every listing, and se how it behaves in the first column and then how it behaves in the rest of the columns.

    Also, you can see the transitions problema nd unpredictable choppiness here in where the first column works perfect and the rest of the columns are a crap.

    It does not happens in firefox or IE. Shame on chrome LOL.

    Where could one raise the voice claiming for the work on the multicolumn layout support!?!?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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