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New Design I’m working on – Feedback please

  • # June 5, 2009 at 4:18 am

    Morning everyone (or night / afternoon I suppose)

    I am currently working on a site for our church, and even though it is not "really"complete at this stage, I was wondering if you guys / gals can give some feedback regards to layout?

    The main idea is that the current site is in flash, and I am trying to sway them to go over to wordpress (for quicker updating and keeping people informed).

    Even though this is just a intial test the site, over the weekend, be moved over to wordpress. Still awaiting images and all the content. I also have a funny feeling that it is falling apart in IE6 (Can’t really check cause I have IE8 installed and looks fine on the pc)

    But what do you guys think?

    # June 5, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Hey Gavin

    The best thing you did by far was to convince them that a whole flash site is bad, bravo! Updating those can be a nightmare…

    Word Press FTW! haha Anywho, I would suggest getting all your boxes neatly compacted, something like this:

    Probably want a lighter gray as well ( #F5F5F5 ) also I noticed some of your boxes have darker gray borders and some do not, either have them all with this same border, or none at all, its usually a good rule of design to remain consistent ;)

    Maybe a little line-height? p { line-height:22px; } would be good for ease of reading paragraph text. Though the first one at the top looks nice with 35px line-height and padding:35px; ( instead of 50px )

    I don’t want to totally redesign your site, but at least improve upon a good idea ;)

    Hope this helps,

    ~ Chris

    # June 6, 2009 at 3:48 am

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the input.

    Yeah I had a look at the image you sent and I have to agree with you that it does look better with everything inline.

    I will take all your points and work on it today.
    Will get back on Monday and submit the new one.


    # June 6, 2009 at 7:56 am

    yea just echoing Chris, if you are going down a box route, make sure you have strong space control. For example the space between your boxes I would force to keep at a specific size set it at say 10px, and then keep it that distance for everything.

    Also you might want to think about working to a grid layout, not ness the CSS templates, I cant work with anyone else’s CSS myself, but they have some great PS Templates for say a 960 site which would suite you down the the ground!

    The one problem with websites like that is if you don’t get them right, they look "odd" – but when they are done right, they are awesome :)

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