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    Hey CSS Tricksters,

    We just launched a new design gallery over at

    We want to make this gallery the best possible while keeping it simple and easy to use. I’d love to hear any ideas/feedback you all have as well as all the little annoyances you find with the other galleries.



    Try reducing the image sizes. 45Kb an image is too much 5-7Kb is more appropriate.


    try to clear the padding/margin – the background is cut when the size of the browser is too small and you scroll to the right



    Thanks. Do you think it would be better to optimize for load times or quality? I know CSS Mania does thumbs more in that size range, but you can see the compression. What about even larger thumbs (dimension wise).


    Thanks, I’ll try that.

    "dezinspiration" wrote:
    Thanks. Do you think it would be better to optimize for load times or quality?

    That is the golden question. Some folks… like me, won’t hang around long if the page isn’t loading quick enough and if your quality isn’t good then most will not take your site seriously. I wouldn’t increase the size you have now but I can tell you… I’m on a slower connection right now and it takes a right at 30 seconds for me to load the entire page. Thats about 2.5 seconds per image.


    This page is too large. My monitor is 1024 x 768 and I have to use horizontal scrolling: This is not good.


    My vote is to keep the same quality and maybe reduce the dimensions of the preview. A site like this should look pretty. another option would be to reduce the number of images on the page.
    I think this page would look really cool with the slide effect used on the panic website
    Although that may hurt the load time and if your a newb with no js knowledge it would be very hard to implement.


    I think you are more than justified with the load time most people running a slow connection aren’t going to expect a gallery to load as fast as the google search page. I thought it loaded very quickly myself but I have a fast connection.

    I noted the slider Idea in my last comment and just realized there is a good article on this site about it
    If I were you I would try to implement this it would make your site stand out a bit more.
    That said I really like how you design is as simple and lightweight as it is and still looks good. In my opinion you found a great balance here I just know there are so many designers that are very critical of load time.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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