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    Soh Tanaka

    I’m open to any constructive criticism and suggestions!



    While I don’t think the web needs yet another CSS Gallery, I do like the design. I like how the Header and Footer tie into each other, good job!

    Chris Coyier

    I absolutely love it Soh. I think it has a ton of personality and is really fun to just browse around an experience. I think you’ve implemented all of the features beautifully. I’m starting to have some opinions on web design galleries, so I figure I’ll just spit them out here.

    Lose the star ratings — design galleries are for 5-out-of-five star designs only, the curator should make the call.

    Lose the comments — this is debatable… but galleries seem to be zero-comment wastelands, even on the super popular ones. I’m usually always in favor of fostering discussion and debate, but simplification in this case may win out.

    Make it as searchable and browseable as absolutely possible. Tag and categorize the crap out of them (maybe make users able to tag as well).

    Combine quality crops/thumbnails AND full-size views. Difficult to do, but I think does a good job. They can fit a lot of thumbs on one page, and you get a wider view on rollover, very smart.

    Have something to say. I like how has been doing this lately. Each new post has some commentary on why they think it is nice. They even do a podcast now which is cool. [ I think designbombs has the perfect design for this already, the crazy mad scientist dude could do the commentary ]

    Soh Tanaka

    Thanks for the comments guys :-)

    , I know exactly what you mean, I may have just contributed to the CSS Galleries pile up :-p, I hope I can do some good with this site rather than just water everything everyone else down. I do appreciate your honesty!

    , you make some very good points regarding the rating and comments. I totally dig how bestwebgallery is handling their stuff and just checked out unmatchedstyle, and that is indeed a very cool idea to add the admin comments to each site. I’ll definitely go back to the lab and re-think some of the things you pointed out!

    Thanks fellas :-)


    I’m sorry – that is, I have no suggestion for you! I love it!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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