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    What’s up guys? Would appreciate some feedback on my blog design I’ve been working on. It’s nothing to flashy, just built to be clean and load fast. Let me know what you think:

    Be nice :D


    First of all, thanks for the feedback!

    1. Hmm maybe it has to do with the colors and gradients? The logo actually goes back further than the design (it used to be blue/green). Maybe if I use the same blue used globally and “flattin it up” a bit it will help. I’ll work on this.
    2. Yeah, its kind of weird huh… I did it that way for simplicity. Was trying to keep everything hugged against the page width wrapper. Adding equal padding to all 3 won’t work :/ , I could try maybe only giving the middle link padding? or maybe changing everything to margins? Hmmmsss…
    3. Ahh, I didn’t really test for anything below 320px. I feel like pretty much every device is at least 300px wide, maybe I’m mistaken?

    your-edit: Ohhh i like that Idea, I’m going to give it a try right now!

    Thanks again!

    Edit: Just added the border left on the post heading, do you think it looks cool? I changed them to grey, the blue was kind of distracting from the post title


    I changed the logo to straight blue, I think it looks a little better/fitting. Kind of feels like I need to add a secondary color to the layout now.

    Well just the third link will have padding on the right and it won’t be lined up with the rest of the content. I suppose I could just add :last-child {padding-right: 0}, and it’ll be a little bit better. I’ll give this a try later.

    Ehh I guess that’s true, I can always add support for smaller resolutions when the time comes. It’s not an issue with display I didn’t take it that far yet.

    I haven’t got around to playing with flex box yet, I don’t think I’ll be using it for a few years though, until browser support is there. I try to support IE8+ and pretty much everything on with a usage of greater than 1% . That’s just me though.

    The blue kind of grew on me! I was going to make it light grey and then blue on hover, but hover states are kind of strange/confusing when they’re not clickable. I could make the whole <header> the link to the post, but then my category link wouldn’t work. I think the blue works for the time being.

    Do you think the paragraph text below the post header should have equal padding-left to the header? or does it look ok?

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Jando Jando

    Looks nice & clean! I like the subtle playful background image behind the site description title. The logo looks a little bit boring to me though, maybe you could get inspired by the playfulnesses of that bg image :)

    Don’t forget to update your favicon as well.


    I just wanted to let you know how clean your source code is. Nothing makes me happier (as an eager to learn front end enthusiast) then when I can really see how well laid out a design can be. Yea it’s a more simple design but the site does look quite good for the simplicity of it. Cheers!


    Thanks Jando, yeah it is a little boring, I’m gonna try and spice it up a bit.

    Thanks Sino! Yes, clean code is awesome! I try my best to keep it un-bloated and easily read.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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