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    It´s not 100% finished yet, but sort of works in Safari for now (some floating issues in IE6/7). More functionality will probhably be added soon. The blog is by the way ment to be a kind of ironic blog about the internet written in a not too complicated language. Thereby the name and sort of naive drawings/ graphic. But I hope and believe this should be obvious when you visit the site. Cool if anyone has ideas on what is really bad, and how I can make it better.

    – Thanks for all feedback! :)

    Link to my (new) blog: Daily crap.

    EDIT: See my third post -> SKETCH.


    Thank you very much! :D I´m allways so happy when someone really likes the designs I´m making.

    Future updates will probhably be to fix the floating issues in IE6/7, customize the menu links (background images), customize the search field, draw a small boat in the footer(?), and perhaps make the penguins move using jQuery. I will probhably also fix a RSS- icon in the top (covered with ice), and do a more complete background- fix (the footer is not implemented good enough as it is).

    – If you have any ideas, shout it out! :D


    Hi again, and merry christmas! :D

    I posted about the same message at Smashing Magazine to get some more feedback on how I could take the design a bit further. I got some really good feedback from a guy called mike, and have now been putting a bit more work into it. I see I didn´t work quite in the direction I mentioned here (you know how it is), but I might as well pick up theese ideas for later.

    Anyway, if someone have some ideas, or might think something is looking totally wrong – shout it out!

    I´m currently working on this SKETCH, and I´m starting to get about the feeling I want out of it. But I really want to get it as good as I can get it, so I´m really not finished yet. Thank you very much for every kind of feedback! :D

    So, the new link should be -> MY NEW SKETCH.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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