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    Looking for some SEO advice… -OR-

    From an SEO perspective, assuming that the site will have multiple pages that fall under the criteria of ‘Web Design Services’ – would it be beneficial to have the root page for the services be an, ‘index.html’ within a root-folder of ‘/webdesignservices/’ or should it remain as, ‘web-design-services.html’ from the root of the website?

    My thoughts are that search engines like to see you put similar pages in a respective subroot with an associated/topical name. However, you then would need to name the default/root file of that subroot to ‘index.html’ – in order to have it displayed when navigating to that directory. Am I then to assume that that page inherits the SEO value of the containing folder, i.e. ‘index.html’ pulls rank with ‘/webdesignservices/’ ?

    I really look forward to any/all feedback on the topic – as I am just not able to get my head wrapped around this seemingly common aspect of site structure in terms of search engine indexing.

    Thank you for your time.


    You should always structure your site with subfolders – it will always provide a much cleaner url. Having said that, you can achieve the same as above by going:

    …but that doesn’t look as clean to me.


    Another good forum to ask questions about search engine optimization is SEO chat

    I think your question is easily solved with a 301 redirect by the way


    If you are having multiple pages in a category called "webdesignsevices" then you should have it as folder name and rest should be fall under that category.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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