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    I need to create a webform so that people can select 4 players each and each list is quite long. I have Quarterbacks with 68 players and they need to select 4 and below is one of the Kickers – the client I’m working with has given each player a # as you can see this one is 301 and he wants this data to output to an Excel spreadsheet and when people submit it goes to his email in Excel format. This is for a Fantasy football site that he has coded for 4 of kind of cards – hence the reference to the cards. So really I need the line below to output all the information to the Excel spreadsheet/database.

    301 Stephen Gostkowski NE 1 J?, 2 J?, 3 J?

    I have no idea if this is possible and I’m a designer not a programmer so if this is very difficult I’ll tell him to pass it on to the programmer. My main question is how do I put the selections on a webform without having this very "Long" drop down list – I’m thinking maybe checkboxes would be better. Also, I have only done a basic webform. If you could give me any type of php/html example just for some type of start that would be great!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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