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    Ok guys I need some critiques to improve my website, feel free to point every thing you like or dislike and what I should change

    [LINK]( “LINK”)

    (Still in beta mode)

    Thanks in advance for your time ;)

    P.S. On the work page since a didn’t put any thumbnail you have to click again in WORKS on top menu to see the example of work page.. sorry for this mess when I get home i’ll fix it


    Although I always seem to sat this, I find the simplicity here really attractive. One enhancement though would be to ensure that, when the welcome pulldown is hovered over, the cursor could do with shifting from the text caret to whatever is standard on the user’s OS for denoting an interactive area. This would lend more consistency given that such behaviour is already used on anchors throughout the design.


    thanks, I miss that one ;)

    And tell what do you think about the image on home page?


    Kitty Giraudel

    It looks great. Love what you did with this “hxgn” hover.


    Lovely site and I agree – I really like what you did with the hxgn hover. I’m not sure about the slanted nav on the subpages, its a little distorting.


    >Love what you did with this “hxgn” hover.

    :) I think I came up with something like that…oh wait…I did


    @HugoGiraudel and @margaux appreciate your comment.. I didn’t get which menu you’re talking about is the top one or the left one on works page?

    yes i get that effect from your comment… I was about to ask how I could do it but before starting a new discussion I found one post whit the solution :P btw thanks for that


    This is quite lovely. Couple thoughts I had:
    –may consider adding a little more padding between the main menu text at the top and the small white image below the text.
    –may want to add a hover effect on main menu
    –may be a good idea to have the logo link to the home page
    –on the works page, the image change is so abrupt, perhaps ass a fade or some other effect to soften it?
    –Homepage hover effect of the HXEN is neat, may just want to change the cursor

    Thank you for sharing. It is a very nice elegant site. I like the subtle effect of the green bar on the subpage. The way it is angled is quite simple and attractive.


    Love it.

    Only thing i mind is that your background image on homepage is not so good looking on 1920 1080 looks low res kind of :S
    Everything else awesome


    The [body] Background image is fine on my 1920×1080.

    The btn1 & btn2 pngs however…not scaling well. Fuzzy!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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