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    Working on a new site, a working example page can be found at

    No logo up yet and the footer needs work, but I’m looking for ways to make the overall design of this site better. Any ideas or places to turn for additional inspiration?


    The top left section could use something and I’m assuming that’s where you’re going to place the logo. I personally think that the “free consultation” section would look better in another spot. Right now it looks a little clumsy above the navigation. The ‘case results’ typography could also use a little work. There’s isn’t a well established hierarchy.

    Otherwise, looks good!


    It feels quite boring.

    The only colour that isn’t white, black, or grey, is a dark teal that almost looks like black.

    I also don’t like the buttons; they don’t look enough like buttons. I guess you’re probably trying to add some flat UI in there, but I feel like flat UI buttons are more difficult to get right than normal buttons (because you have less to play with, what you do have needs to be perfect). I suggest adding some border-radius to the buttons, and maybe some subtle box-shadow too so it’s obvious they can be clicked.

    I also don’t like that the contact form labels are the only serif font face text on the page.


    I agree with the others, and not sure about the red, seems a bit harsh. You could maybe darken it or add a subtle texture to it…
    Also I like the responsive design, but in phone view you might want to significantly decrease the left text margin as it makes no room for the text!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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