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    Essentially, what i am trying to do is upgrade an old app i created to use some of the great AJAX features of jquery. Example: instead of limiting the admin to creating categories one at a time which can obviously be really monotonous, I would like to convert the page so that you can dynamically add a field so you can add multiple categories at once if desired…my issue now is, how do i go about properly posting the data via php? Here is what i am working with:

    Keep in mind i am planning on using AJAX to post the data…Let me know if you have any ideas for improving or anything that can help at all.

    Thanks Guys!


    First of all,

    var cats = $("#categoryTable tr").length;

    won’t work because if you remove one (not the last) and then add one, you will have duplicate Id’s and names… Maybe you should just do a cats++ every time you add a cat.
    Secondly, Itterate through your inputs and bulid your POST data like:

    var postData = '?';

    $("#categoryTable input[type='text']").each(

    postData+= (postData!='?'?'&':'')+$(e).attr('id')+'='+$(e).val();


    ( I think)
    I’m sure there are better ways though…


    I’d aggre with @traq for the array thing… You’ll have to worry for one thing less…
    anyway, in the code I suggested, you are supposed to use the variable postData to your AJAX request like this

    type: "POST",
    url: "phpPage.php",
    data: postData

    then, at the phpPage.php you’ll handle your POST data…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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