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    I am working on a website which has the below URL :
    The site works perfectly in IE 6-7 & Mozilla 4 but it is not taking up the CSS in IE 8 and The laest version of mozilla. I am using all the basic CSS attributes and there is no comlex CSS utilites refered in my CSS files. but then also the browsers are not taking up the CSS.
    Can anyone suggest something for this problem.
    This problem has already delayed our project for almost a week and now this is a serious issue for us and preventing us to move the project Go Live .. :x

    Plz help me regarding the same..
    Thanks in advance..


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    It may have something to do with linking to all your css and javasript files on your local host:

    Try uploading all the css and javascript files to the server and changing the links to match.

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    Thanks for the reply.Actually, i was doing some testing in my server when you cheked the page.That time i was trying to so some manipulations and test weather the view come fine for all the browsers.
    But even for localhost, why it comes only in IE7 & Below versions and not in IE8 & Mozilla 5 for me..


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    As far as I can see you haven’t included the main stylesheet and the paths to half of your javascript files are wrong.
    The only stylesheets I can find are:

    And wherever:
    are, they are not in "home_files".

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